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The Master and His Emissary.

The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World





PART 1: The Divided Brain

PART 2: How the Brain has Shaped Our World  



The Master and His Emissary


Chapter 7 

 Imitation and the Evolution of Culture

Chapter 1 

 Asymmetry and the Brain  

Chapter 8 

 The Ancient World

Chapter 2 

 What do the Two Hemispheres do?

Chapter 9 

 The Renaissance and the Reformation

Chapter 3 

 Language, Truth and Music  

Chapter 10 

 The Enlightenment

Chapter 4

 The Nature of the Two Worlds

Chapter 11

 Romanticism and the Industrial Revolution

Chapter 5 

 The Primacy of the Right Hemisphere

Chapter 12 

 The Modern and Post-Modern Worlds

Chapter 6 

 The Triumph of the Left Hemisphere


The Master Betrayed





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